Pregnancy Diagnostics


SensUS is an innovative medical device based on a technology patented worldwide (Patent of the National Research Council n. EP2375980). SensUS Touch is able to monitor automatically and in real time the labor progression. This technology integrates hardware and software of quantitative ultrasound (QUS) into an advanced device able to overcome the traditional limitations of ultrasound (US) due essentially to qualitative assessments and operator dependence.

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monitoring childbirth labor progression
Innovative SensUS algorithm


Innovative Diagnostics Monitoring

SensUS is the unique non invasive and reliable solution allowing an objective and real time monitoring of labor progression .It is an effective and user-friendly support for the operator to identify the case where the medical action is required.

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Non invasive

Non Invasive Pregnacy Monitoring

SensUS allows a safe monitoring of childbirth from the beginning of labor until the moment of birth simply through non-invasive, trans-labial US scans. The algorithms allow simple and continuous monitoring of childbirth automatically providing quantitative and accurate measurements of the most important indicators of fetal progression:
-Fetal Head Station (FHS)
-Progression Angle (PA)
-Rotation Angle (RA).

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pregnancy diagnostics monitoring