Amolab Suite

Amolab Suite by Amolab, is an user-friendly software application allowing the real time visualization and the monitoring of fetal progress in the birth canal.

A non-invasive, accurate and fast system for the early identification of the cases requiring a medical intervention.

Amolab Suite is a user-friendly software application dedicated to the automatic monitoring of childbirth labor progression through the combined elaboration of ultrasound signals and echographic images, acquired through quick trans-perineal scans. Amolab Suite is based on advanced processing algorithms that allow a simple and continuous labor monitoring, providing quantitative and accurate measurements of the most important fetal progression parameters. These parameters, whose calculation is fully automatic, are displayed on the screen through highly intuitive 3D reconstructions coupled with synthetic graphs showing the temporal evolution of clinically interesting indicators. Fetal progression in the birth canal is therefore assessed in an automatic, reliable and objective manner, eliminating the operator dependence and reducing the chances of human errors associated to conventional echographic examinations (strongly dependent on operator experience) and to the routinely adopted manual inspections (which are highly subjective and poorly tolerated by the patients because of thieir invasiveness). Thanks to the combination of Amolab Suite with SensUS Touch echographic device, gynecologists and obstetricians can be supported in an objective manner by a non-invasive, accurate and fast system, assuring the early identification of the cases requiring a medical intervention, with a clear improvement in the quality of care.

The fourth module, named MultiWave”, allows the user to perform ultrasound multipurpose measurements. This module can be launched independently of the other Amolab Suitemodules, through its icon accessible on the desktop.

The implemented algorithms are the most advanced synthesis of ultrasonic
technologies available in medicine.

Allow simple and continuous monitoring of the childbirth automatically providing quantitative and accurate measurements of the most important indicators of fetal progression:

  • Fetal Head Station (FHS)
  • Progression Angle (PA)
  • Rotation angle (RA)


Total acquisition time of 5 seconds
Fully automatic image and ultrasonic processing
2D View on Ultrasound B-Mode
3D Reconstruction
Display of birth progression curves (partogram)



MultiWave installed on SensUS (SensUS Touch or SensUS View) provide advanced functionality with the simplicity and reliability requested by clinicians.


MultiWave is an intuitive user interface with user-friendly command and dialog boxes. In MultiWave, the user settings are selectable and customizable (e.g. user interface, saving and printing modes, measurements and calculations, scanning control in all modes, presets management, cineloop, DICOM programming and storing, etc.)

MultiWave features:

  • Programmable presets
  • Measurements and calculations also on stored images and videos.
  • Archiving and printing of patient files images and video saving including: Scanning Raw Data.
  • Advanced Telemedicine function with remote control.
  • Backup and restore of user settings
  • DICOM Programming and storing

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