SensUS Touch is the first echographic medical device allowing
the real-time automatic monitoring of childbirth labor

Non-invasive. Easy to use. Fast. Portable. Reliable


Safer childbirth with SensUS the new QUS device for midwives and gynecologists

SensUS Touch is equipped with a 3.5 MHz convex probe. An innovative software application (Amolab Suite)allows a safe and quantitative monitoring of childbirth, in real time, through an automatic elaboration of theacquired echographic images.  SensUS allows a safe and user-friendly monitoringof the entire childbirth labor, from the beginning until the delivery, through simple and non-invasive (trans-labial) ultrasound (US) scans.

Acquired US images and echographic images are automatically processed to measure fetal progression parameters, displaying them through both via highly intuitive 3D reconstructions and synthetic graphs of clinically relevant indicators. In a few seconds it is now possible to safely and reliably assess the fetal progress in the birth canal.”

In a few seconds it is now possible to safely and reliably assess the fetal progress in the birth canal

Implemented algorithms are the most advanced synthesis of ultrasonic technologies available in medicine. They allow a simple and continuous monitoring of childbirth labor, automatically providing quantitative and accurate measurements of the most important indicators of fetal progression

  • Fetal Head Station (FHS)
  • Progression Angle (PA)
  • Rotation Angle  (RA)

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