Touchscreen pen

Housed in a special hide-away case, this touch pen enables an easier use of the device.

Trolley with support surface

This portable device can be mounted on a special trolley base with relative support surface. Besides offering extra space for positioning the keyboard, this specially designed base comes with a probe holder on both sides and a convenient basket for holding ultrasound gel, so that it is available within reach.


This device can be used with different types of ultrasound probes for a variety of applications: obstetrical-gynaecological, cardiology, vascular, musculoskeletal, paediatric and abdominal.
Convex Probe C5-2R60S-3 (Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Abdominal; Rc 65 mm, FoV 60°)
Linear Probe L12-5L40S-3 (Vascular, Pediatrics, Small parts, MSK; FoV 40 mm)
Linear Probe L15-6L25S-3 (Vascular, Pediatrics, Small Parts, MSK; FoV 25 mm)
Transvaginal Probe MCV9-5R10S-3 (Transrectal, Transvaginal; Rc 10 mm, FoV 156° )
Micro Convex Probe MC10-5R10S-3 (Vascular, Pediatrics, Small parts; Rc 10 mm, FoV 156° )
Micro Convex Probe MC8-4R20S-3 (Pediatrics, Abdominal, Cardiac; Rc 20 mm, FoV 104° )
Micro Convex Probe MC4-2R20S-3 (Abdominal, Cardiac; Rc 20 mm, FoV 104° )

Medical keyboard

A wired medical keyboard with touchpad can be connected to the device for comfortable and ergonomic use. This silicone-coated keyboard is easy to sanitise and sterilise using all the most common cleaning agents used across clinical and healthcare industry.
amolab keyboard


This device can be easily fit into and carried in a shoulder bag the size of a carry-on luggage. This bag comes with handy pockets for protecting and positioning the device, keyboard and all the accessories needed to operate it, such as gel, gloves and power supply.
amolab bag