SensUS Lung

SensUS Lung is a portable ultrasound device that enables a quick, automated and non-invasive investigation of pulmonary health condition with real time results.
Based on the Lung 19 App software, this device enables to automatically and quantitatively detect markers of pneumonia indicating its severity level by calculating the Pneumonia Score®.
Furthermore, this software provides an index of the percentage risk that pneumonia has been caused by Covid-19 (Covid Index).

Triage and patient care

  1. Ultrasound lung scan (up to 14 regions).
  2. Automated image processing.
  3. Regional staging (Pneumonia Score® 0 to 4).
  4. Covid-19 infection risk calculation (Covid Index 0 to 100%).
  5. Real-time medical report.
  6. Monitoring at customised intervals (Follow-up).

Detection, Staging and Monitoring

Possibility to perform the examination