Amolab Suite (Labor Module) 

Designed for labour, Amolab Suite (Labor module) is a medical software that enables, combined with the SensUS Touch device, to perform ultrasound monitoring of the labour in a fully automated and non-invasive fashion through a simple translabial ultrasound examination.
Amolab Suite’s Labor module allows to continuously and reliably monitor the progress of labour, providing quantitative indications on its progress status and, as a result, on the need for operational intervention by the clinical staff.
The Labor module is based on innovative algorithms for real-time segmentation of ultrasound images, designed for the automated measurement of the 3 most important labour progress indicators:
  • Progression Angle (PA)
  • Fetal Head Station (FHS)
  • Rotation Angle (RA)
amolab suite labor module
  • Full acquisition duration: 5 seconds
  • Fully automated processing of images and ultrasonic signals
  • 2D display on ultrasound B-Mode
  • 3D reconstruction
  • Displaying labour progress curves (labour flow chart)